Hints and Tips

Sometimes simply thinking about what needs to be done while you are driving your vehicle every day can reveal a lot about what needs to be done when it is not being driven.

  • Oil - For long term storage have an oil change service before you drop off. Before is much better than after. Used oil contains sulphuric acid as well as a bunch of other nasty stuff. Leaving it in your crankcase and on the parts that need to be lubricated is not good for your vehicle. (Our certified mechanics can service your vehicle for you.)

  • Gas - leave around a ¼ tank of gas.

  • Battery - Batteries die - thats it, they just die. I can explain why, and if you really want to know send me an email and I will tell ya. Just because you charge them the day before you pick up your vehicle does not mean they will stay that way. Batteries are made from lead and acid and sooner or later the acid wins.

  • Coolant - Coolant just like your battery can simply die. It's a specific gravity thing. Have it changed.

  • A/C - Turn off the A/C! A/C compressors are finicky. We have seen more than one freeze up while in storage.

  • Stereo - Turn it OFF the stereo. Do not leave any electronic devices on or in the vehicle.

  • Laundry - Don’t leave your laundry in the vehicle. It just gets worse.

  • Key - Have an extra key made that will start the engine and keep it with you.

  • Dings & Dents - If your vehicle has any dents or dings please note them at drop off.  We do a thorough inventory and inspection so that we can insure that your vehicle is exactly the same as when you dropped it off.

  • Insurance - You must keep the insurance on your vehicle while storing it with us. Inquire about storage insurance with your agent.