2000 Maui veterans Hwy lot 2 Kahului, HI 96732


  1. We do not accept non running vehicles. Do not submit an application if your vehicle is not running.

  2. All vehicles must be legal, registered, and insured! Inquire about storage insurance with your agent. We are not responsible for vandalism, theft or acts of God or Nature.

  3. All storage includes one complimentary drop off and pick up of you or your guests at the airport and your vehicle will be washed upon your return. Drop off and pick up times are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6pm. After hours pick up of vehicles at the airport is charged $25. You will be responsible for the airport parking fees.

  4. All items left within the vehicle are at your own risk. This includes stereo and electronics, surfboards, surf racks, personal items and any other items attached to the outside.

  5. We are not responsible for the mechanical operation of your vehicle at any time including a dead battery. We do not drive your car other than to park it or pick you up at the airport. If you need service on your vehicle while in storage, please contact us.

  6. Have an extra key made that will start the engine and keep it with you.

  7. Any abandoned vehicles or vehicles with past due storage fees of 90 days or more are subject to mechanic’s lien and seizure in accordance with HRS 290-22.

  8. For pickup or drop off please communicate with us via email for your arrival date and time.
    Once you arrive at the airport please call for pickup: Brian 808-276-3801